Saturday, August 31, 2013

Favorites Friday: Enjoying Photographing Food, among other things

Welcome to another Favorites Friday. Here are some of my favorites of the week. Enjoy!

 (Yes- I took this photo! I'm so proud that I finally got the lighting right for food photography with my DSLR. This is without ANY editing!)

 (This was lunch. hehe)

(And here is the lovely rose the hubs gave me for our anniversary)

1. Learning to use my DSLR: So I've been learning to use my DSLR, slowly but surely. I have come across some wonderful tutorials online and on Pinterest. I'm trying to master food photography first, before I try actual people, and right now- I'm loving it! Check out the photos above- haven't even brought them into Photoshop yet! (On top of that- I'm am SO loving those "Everything" Pretzel chips!)

2. Peddler's Village: Went here last week to inquire about basket raffles donations for the theater company, and I must say- such a beautiful location and lots of fun stores.

3. Bristol Amish Market's Soft Pretzels: Our Amish Market over by us has the absolutely BEST soft pretzels! They are sooooo good! Similar to Auntie Anne's, but better!

(Here is my wand on Pottermore- I'm a Hufflepuff, too...)

4. Pottermore: So, I'm kind of a Harry Potter fan, if you haven't noticed by now, and I do love this website. So fun to find out what your wand would be, what house you should be sorted into, and lots of fun games and what not. If you like Harry Potter, I suggest to at least check out what house you'd be sorted into- what happens might surprise you (or not).

5. Diet Cream Soda: I love Cream soda, so a diet version is a must have! Even the generic brand is awesome. Makes great homemade alcoholic butterbeer too!

Have a great Friday everyone and enjoy your Labor Day holiday weekend (as I have to work on Labor Day- seems kind of silly to me- working on Labor day, but alas- money is money.)

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