Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Weasley Wednesday: Adult Harry Potter Party time

Ok. So this past weekend a close friend of mine had a party in honor of Harry Potter's birthday (a little belated, since Harry Potter's birthday is July 31st) but never the less, it was fun. We couldn't stay too long, as it was before one of our shows of "Grease." She had some AMAZING food- themed straight from the books and movies (sadly I didn't really snap many pictures from the event). This got me to thinking about a party the hubs and I threw a few years ago (right before the final Harry Potter movie came out in 2011) for a 2-day Harry Potter Movie Marathon party. This was before I got really into Pinterest and party planning decor - it was kind of my first try at a "theme party" as an adult. I was looking through my blog-o here, and realized I never shared it with you all! Crazy, I know, right?!
So, here is some of the fun stuff we did for our adult Harry Potter Movie Marathon Party a few years back. (We watched the first 7 of 8 movies between 2 days, so everyone would be refreshed on it all, the week before it opened- it was a very daunting task!) We were kind of on a tight budget, so things are not as nice as I'd like them to be, but considering I believe I did all the decor, food, beverages, planning, etc. in less than a week, I think it turned out well. hehe
 I cut everything out on my Cricut and made my own Platform 9 3/4 sign! (Still hangs in my craft room to this day!)

 I hand-painted these bricks on a red plastic table cloth I got at the dollar store. Was VERY time-consuming, but I was determined to have this at my party.

 In our upstairs area (once you walked through the brick wall platform of 9 3/4, you were brought to Honeydukes table- Lots of candy you could ever want, including homemade Cockroach clusters (chocolate covered pretzels) and Acid Pops (Blow pops dipped in honey, dipped in Pop Rocks) among other candy I just came up with names of or used names from the books. (see below "food" section for the full spread)

 We only had one bathroom at our old place, so you just had to deal with Moaning Mertle... hehe

 Our bookcases (in all their messy glory, back then)

 Another shot of the brick platform walk through.

 Ready to watch all 7 movies!

 My hubs dressed as a Weasley. Sadly you can't really tell that I wrote on the bunting, but it was very "House Colors" looking. ;)

 Your generic food spread, but with more fun Harry Potter-themed names...

 Gotta have popcorn for a movie marathon!

 The Honeydukes candy spread.

 Best darn thing there is: Butterbeer! Cream soda + Butterscotch Schnapps.

 We also made special "House Shots." Above is the Gryffindor Gulp (Strawberry Pucker and Sprite) and the Sip of Slytherin (Apple Pucker and Hawaiian Punch). Below is the Hit of Hufflepuff (Mountain Dew and Citrus Rum) and Ravenclaw's Ration (Island Punch Pucker and Sprite). These were a big hit as everyone wanted to try their own house's shots.

Party Favors
 (sorry these are blurry, I only had my phone to take pictures at that time). I had Glow stick wands for those who didn't have wands of their own (so the Muggles can "pretend" they are one of us. lol) I also gave out "Liquid Luck" vials for everyone to take home.

Seeing the actual final movie

 We ended up going to see it at the Newtown Theatre (the theater that we are currently performing "Grease" at- closing night tonight). It is a small theater, but everyone who came that night, was certainly a Harry Potter fan!

Harry Potter fandom via. Scrapbook pages
So, of course I had to scrapbook the event! We had fun with friends watching the movies and enjoying all our Harry Potter fandom. I also have scrapbooked our love for the movies, and our visit to the Wizarding World in Universal Studios in Florida.

The Party:

Love for Snape:

At Universal Studios:

I normally don't like to show pictures of myself from a few years ago, aka. the fat years. This was one of those times where I can really notice how big I was a few years ago. For those of you who are new followers, I joined Weight Watchers in October of 2011 and lost about 65 pounds in a year. I've been trying to maintain that for this past year, and I think you really can tell the difference in these two "Harry Potter fandom" pics! hehe. Normally I'm not into pictures of myself, but it really goes to show how 65 lbs can really change a person.

  2011                                     2013

Anyways, Have a wonderful Weasley-filled Wednesday for my fellow Potter-heads, and for those who don't enjoy Harry Potter, sorry for this fan-filled post for the day.
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. What a fun party~! If you have any desserts you love, we'd love for you to come over to our newest link party over at The Inspiration Network: DELISH- a desserts only link party. Bring your desserts and let's party!!

    Melanie and Diana
    The Inspiration Network

    1. It was fun (a little belated to post though. haha). Desserts- hmmm. I have a few, but, alas, I got caught up by other things, forgot to post it to your cute party (missed it both time- doh!- I will be sure to try and post this coming Wed's party. Just as long as you're ok I post an older dessert post (though I didn't share it with the party yet). ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a fun party! Looks like you had a fantastic time and I love all the food and decorations! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x

    1. Thanks! I was a lot of fun. Not my absolute best decor, but was the jumping off point to get me into planning parties.


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