Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Goodwill, Salvation Army, Target and Dollar Store finds!

Welcome to another edition of Thrifty Thursday! 

Here are some of the scores I got at the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Target and Dollar Store lately!

Pool Party Time:
We picked up this 10 ft x 30 inch Intex pool for under $65 at Target (They also had a similar deal at Wal-mart). It is perfect to lounge around during these heat waves we've been having, and it even comes with a nice filter!

Dollar store inflatable tube-turned into bowl holder. By using a plastic bowl dropped inside this $1 inflatable tube= instant floating snack station!

Dressing up the Kitchen and Dining Rooms:
I scored this bad-boy (lime green lantern for indoor/outdoor use- aka. dressing up my bar cart when it isn't in use) for only $5 on clearance at Target.

 It was on clearance because the magnet was missing on the door- super easy fix for something originally priced $15-20 a piece!

Simple Blue dress up of dining room table- Dollar store placemats (4 for $4), tablecloth from Goodwill ($2.50), Candle holder from Goodwill ($2), Tray from Goodwill- orginally from Target ($7) and the rest I had around the house! Overall instant Blue-makeover: $15.50!

(Here is the tray close up- super cute and super good deal, considering these trays average $20-$40 normally depending on size)

Dressing Myself Up:
Super cute brown corduroy flats for only $3.50 at Goodwill!

I also scored red Puma sneakers (in fairly good condition) for $3
 a black bed skirt for our master bedroom ($3) and sheet to make into sink skirt for powder room for $2- Both at the Goodwill.

I also scored a green tank (originally from Old Navy) for $1,

a retro dress for $2 (it's so wild patterned, I just love it!),

  and a cute sailor-esque dress for $3 all at the Salvation Army.

Making Props for Theater Productions:
Right now I'm involved in "Grease" and I needed to make the Hand Jive Dance Contest Prizes for props. I created the "Hits from the House of WAXX" record albums from records that were $0.20 (yes- 20 cents!) each from the Salvation Army. I designed the album covers in Photoshop-printed them out, adhered them to the record covers and tada! The trophies I made from 2 foam circles (2 for $1 at Dollar Store), 2 glass tealight candle holders (I already had, but you can get from dollar store), 2 ninja figures (2 for $1 at Dollar Store)- glued together with super glue, spray painted them ($4 gold spray paint from Family Dollar and still had some left), blinged them with stick on jewels I had, added "59" stickers (for the Class of '59 which the show is supposed to be set in) and glued green ribbon, as well as added little paper sashes for the trophy men. It cost me less than $6 to make two trophies.

These trophies would make great gag gifts or party gifts using whatever toy you could find.

Overall, it was a pretty Thrifty past few weeks.

What deals have you scored lately?

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