Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Work it! Wednesday: Getting ready to party!

Hello all! Welcome to Work it! Wednesday. 
So what have I've been working on lately? Well- I have been VERY busy these days. Between work, helping plan a big Gala for the Newtown Arts Company, some freelance work, and trying to enjoying the little freetime I have left, I've been quite busy. But enough chit-chat, here are some of the things I've been working on:

Peter Pan Show for Children:

 I had the chance to be apart of a two-person short children's show for a day, playing Wendy, Tiger Lily and Hook. It was super fun and I had a blast doing it with my friend, and I've been told the kiddos who saw it, loved it too. ;)

Newtown Arts Company Gala Planning

 I have been super busy being on the Newtown Arts Company's Gala committee. I designed their save the date postcards, their invitations, and will be doing other design work, besides being on the decorations sub-committee and helping with the basket raffle. I've been so busy doing stuff for this gala, I swear I feel like I've done more for it, than I did for my own wedding! lol. (above, is the logo that sits on top of the band that keeps the RSVP card together with the invite.) I also helped stuff/assemble 255 invitations last week- took most of the day, but we got it all done.

Here is my mock-up for the centerpiece ideas (we each brought our centerpiece ideas to the committee meeting). We ended up combining this with another member's idea, so all in all, it is a win-win situation. We will be using the gold votive and picture frame with previous show's postcard, along with items that were either used or remind you of that show (shows that the theater company has done in the past). For example, "Grease", we are using a Beauty School Dropout headdress, black comb, 50s style soda fountain drinks, pink 50s reading glasses, leather jacket, etc. Every table will be themed around a show that we have done in the past (Once the gala is over, I'll be sure to show you all the fun decor). Our basket raffles will also be themed around shows we've done in the past- The Gala celebrates 30 years, so we thought we'd remember those 30 years, in various ways!

Sip & Swap Party Planning

 This weekend I am hosting my first ever "Sip and Swap" party. It is a clothing swap party, with wine on the side. haha. I've been busy planning decorations, gathering food and beverages, and going through my closet and figuring out the mounds of clothes that I am adding to the swap. Above is the door wreath I created. The colors for the party are purple, red, black and white (in case you care. lol). ;)

 Here are some of the other decor items- signs, mini frame, treat boxes, straws...

 ...And this lovely piece of decor that I snagged for 50% off from Michael's. LOVE it! It will be perfect to dress up the swap, as well as be great when I move to the Halloween decor (and will match my brown, gold and black dining room, after the holidays.) So excited to have gotten this piece!

... and keeping up with other stuff at home ...

 Our pepper plant in our garden has produced some peppers! woo!

 The rose bushes in the front yard still having pretty flowers.

 And the backyard's flowers are pretty too. ;)

And I just couldn't resist- 50 cent Halloween bucket! hehe. Can't wait to start Halloween decor!

So, what are you all working on these days? 
Have you started decorating for Fall or Halloween yet? 
I'm waiting till after this party weekend is over before I put mine up.

Anyways, have a great Wednesday!

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