Friday, March 6, 2009

Supreme Team Round 1 Submission

Tonight I did a digital scrapbook submission for the Supreme Team Contest over at Now this is only the 2nd digital scrapbook page I've ever done, so if it totally stinks, I apologize. The kit they give you for Round 1 of the contest is called "Dani-yourday". It is all bright colors and birthday fun stuff.
So to be completely honest I don't really have a whole lot of birthday pics. Since I don't have any kids, and have yet to scan some of my good oldies of me as a young'n, the best I could do for birthday, was my 21st (I now recently turned 23, so this was not THAT long ago). My friend Ashton was the cameraman that night since the now hubby was 6 hrs away. I was at school, so I just went out with my buds and roomies. Don't you love my dorky birthday crown. hehe
Anyways, here's my 2nd only digital scrapbook page. Wish me luck. Maybe I'll get on to Round 2 of the contest (there are 4 rounds). We won't find out till Monday if we make it to the next round. *cross your fingers.*
So if you haven't checked it out yet, look at the post before this (below), since it has a new card I made today for Kwerner's color #44 challenge. Check it Out!
Also, keep checking in at Fun-frilled. It's a baby shower over there for Miss Molly...lots of cute baby girl cards. Mine will be popping up on Sunday, so make sure you check it out. I know most people don't check out cards on Sundays, but make an exception just for me. CHECK IT OUT!
Ok...time for bed. Night all! Hugs!


  1. I still have no clue how digi scrapping or any of that stuff works, but this is a really fun layout! Love that pictures - LOL Rosey cheeks make you look like you were drinkin' a little...;) be 21 again....

  2. Fun layout! I have never done digi myself...maybe I will try it sometime!


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