Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A shoulder to cry on

So I was requested of a co-worker, like I have been a lot recently, to create a card to give to his friend who is need. I had many similar sentiments, however none did the trick totally. My co-worker wrote up basically what he wanted to say, and I thought, "Hey, why don't I just make a digital stamp version of this to use." I whipped it up in a jiffy in Photoshop, printed it on cardstock, then cut it out with my very first Nesti I got a few months ago- with a discount coupon for Micheal's. He also gave me her name, which I decided to make the main focus for the front of the card, while the sentiment was for inside.
Here it is.
 (I decided to go for the "pretty in pink" look)

 (These chipboard letters actually had little purple flowers on them, but they didn't match, so I covered them with other flowers of the right match)

(the inside sentiment)

I also created another baby shower card, this one for a co-worker's daughter who is also having a baby boy. He liked what I did with the baby shower card I made for our one co-worker, and wanted a similar card. Well, 1) I didn't have the same chipboard letters left, 2) I didn't have the same ribbon or paper left either 3) I  realized after I stamped the image and already adhered the back to the main image paper, that damn, there seems to be a decent amount of space at the top, compared to the original card I made, so I added another sentiment. "Sweet" to the top. Here it is, a very similar resemblance to that of my previous baby shower card, but slightly different. Yay for Stickles making non-sparkle chipboard letters Sparkle! Enjoy.

(oh baby! hehe)
Have a great day/night all!

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