Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cars and Dinosaurs

Below are the two other cards requested from my co-worker, for her future grandson-in-law (or however that works). The birthday card was simple to think up and fun to make...the "welcome to the family" card on the other hand...a PAIN...I just didn't even know where to start. I couldn't make it pretty with swirls and a "house", since all the ones I had were way too girly. So I ended up finding this little dinosaur popup and just went from there. It's all about the green on that card. I'm still not 100% happy with that one, but at least I really like the birthday card, so maybe they cancel each other out...haha

(The boy loves cars...so I ran with it...Little red corvette style)

(I knew I could use these popups for something...when I got them,
I later thought "when am I ever going to use these?" and now I just did!)

(The inside of the card)

Anyways, I got another request of a card for a co-worker...this time my one editor wants me to make a baby shower card for another one of our co-workers. Another baby boy coming into the world...wow...so many baby boys these days...I don't know anyone personally that is having a girl this year...hmmm...must be the water. lol. Below is the "welcome to the family" I was previously mentioning being very difficult to think up...

(One of the most difficult cards to think up...not in making it,
but figuring out what to do for "welcome to the family" as the request)

(Aren't these embroidery looking letters cute?)

(inside of the card)

Also, in fun news, I just set up a "winter craft day" with a co-worker of mine, who wants a buddy to make her Christmas cards/tags with. Since I'm the one with all the craft supplies and such, she's coming over to my place this weekend. Looks like we're gonna have to squeeze it in before I have to help out backstage at Wren's show. But she's planning on coming over around noon, so we should be fine. I'm excited to get started and glad to for once have someone to craft with (besides when my mom comes to visit and we craft together). Fun stuff!
Okeys, night night all, and enjoy the cards!
Later gators!

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