Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jingle Bells...Batman

"Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg"
I'll spare you from my totally wrong version of Jingle Bells. hehe. Anyways, today I"m gonna share with you a little project I did a few days ago, and am just now getting around to sharing it with you all. This little project happened totally by accident. You see, I have a box, that is just for containers, etc. to alter and decorate for gifts and such. I had saved a few of these lemonade packet tube/containers:

They hold large lemonade packets to make pitchers of lemonade. I believe we originally got them at Rite Aid. Anyways, I saved these knowing that SOMEDAY I'd figure out something to put in them and alter. So, I had stopped at Michael's ages ago, and in their dollar bin they had these lovely beauties...Jingle Bells!

They might still have them there, since I know I picked a few more up a couple weeks ago. I love the $1 area! Anyways, I had brought them home wanting something to do with them, and nonchalantly threw the jingle bells into the "box of alterable items" and they happened to fall into the Lemonade tube container. They just so happened to fit PERFECTLY inside! I could fit two jingle bells inside the tube and be able to close the tube right up totally. I knew right there that this was a project idea I had to do! So, I decided, why not do this like a mini tutorial in case anyone else wants to try their hand at altered fun!? Enjoy the rest of this post/tutorial. You never know what items will work together, until mini accidents happen. :)
Ok. So you have your Jingle bells and your tube container, now what? First I took the label off the container. They I cut out paper to fit around the tube. I used Making Memories FaLaLa scrapbook project pad paper for this. In this paper pack it has borders too, so I used the striped one also.

The striped border is for the seam, since the paper was ever so slightly too short. I also used the border for the top lid. Next I adhered the red paper to the tube, then the stripe border to cover up the part that is showing. I then took some green and gold ribbon and adhered it to the sides of the tube, since once it is all done, I'm going to tie a bow at the top to hold it all together.


Next I moved on to the lid. I first painted it red. Now you don't necessarily need to paint your lid if you're covering it all up, but I wanted to be certain none of the original blue showed through.


While the paint was still wet I sprinkled green/gold glitter on top. While the lid was drying I moved on to work on the Jingle Bells. Now they are cute in themselves so I didn't want to do too much to them. Also, I wanted to make sure they still fit in the container. I tied some of the green/gold ribbon around each.

I then took these adorable sticker glitter stars from Michael's that I got last year, and put them over the top part where the knot was.


Now that the bells are done and after the top is dry, I used some popups to raise up a circle I punched out of the same red paper as what is around the tube. I also adhered the border around the edge of the tube top.

I then stamped a Poinsettia stamp, from Verve stamps "Poinsettia Christmas" set with Color Box ink.

I then colored it in (once the ink was dry) with Le Plume II markers. I decided it needed something, so I stamped the image again over top of the already colored image, and while the ink wasstill wet I put some K & Company glitter on top.

I then punched the flower and adhered it to the already popped up top part. (now you can adhere it first, then pop it up if you like, I just wasn't sure how I wanted it all to go first, so I did it that way).
I then poked a hole in the side of the  tube and stuck the large Poinsettia to the side of the tube, by putting the little nub through the hole and using clear packing tape to hold it in place on the inside of the tube. I then decorated the large poinsettia (which you can do first, before adhering it) since I realized I wanted it to be glittered too. It already was glittery when I got it (it was taken off an old Christmas Wine cover a friend gave me ages ago) but some of the glitter was falling off on the inside part, so I used Stickles over each inside petal and left the chunky glitter on the outside part of the flower. I then put the jingle bells inside the tube, put the lid on, then tied the ribbon in a bow on the top.

To make the tag, I used a tag cut out of green paper on my brand new Cricut. (it was the first thing I used it for!) I got it at A.C. Moore's pre-Black Friday Sale. I got the Cricut (personal cutter, the original one) a cutting mat, blade, and a cartridge for $98 only! I got the 2nd to last one they had at that store. :) I used some Christmas money given to me by my in-laws, who basically said, buy what you want for your own Christmas present. So I did just that. Now all I have to do is save up for the "Sure Cuts A Lot" software so I can do fun stuff like KWerner does (I <3 her stuff!). Anyways, back to this project. So I cut out the tag, then used a scrap of the border on the edge of the tag. I then stamped using a stamp from the Making Memories FaLaLa set.

I then used some string and attached to the top bow. And there you have it! A Jingle Bell Gift! Isn't it cute! I am so happy how it turned out!


Now everyone be quiet and don't tell anyone about it. You never know who might be getting one for Christmas. hehe. I'm in an Altered swap, so I'm considering making something similar to this for it, since it turned out so cute! I am so happy it turned out well, considering the whole idea came about TOTALLY by ACCIDENT! hehe
Anyways, I'm off to clean up the house, since my parents are coming in from Michigan tomorrow. During the day, Hubby and I are going to his work to spend Thanksgiving with some of the residents at his job. He works for a Senior care facility, so we thought it would be nice to spend time with some of the people there whose family can't visit them, or they can't visit their families, since my parents are coming in till the night time and we are officially celebrating Thanksgiving on Sunday instead to get everyone together. :) It's all about giving thanks everyone.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy you time with people who care for you. If you can't spend it with your family and friends, I send my personal Hugs to each and every one of you, from me to you. Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. this is gorgeous, great job with your project and I applaud you for your weight loss as well...I was heavy as a child and know what it's like, so take a bow.....I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    enjoy *~*


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