Thursday, November 7, 2013

Going Gala Crazy

So where the heck have I been the past 2 weeks you might ask (besides neglecting my blog)? Well, I've been a) working, b) at rehearsal for Brigadoon and c) spending many hours every single day in the past 2 weeks working of stuff for the big Newtown Arts Company 30th Anniversary Gala.

The big gala is this coming Saturday, and the gala committee and I have been busy busy busy making sure everything is ready to roll with this big event. Me being the event graphic designer, I designed the save-the-date postcards, invitations and RSVP cards, placecards, basket raffle program (with evening of events listing on the back), favor tags, basket raffle tags, and signage for the favors, raffles, and placecards.

A sneak peek at the Invites (I'll post the finals after the event happens):

So many basket tags!:

The favors- Verdi (or cider for non-alcoholic option or underage guests) and a chocolate bar that has the Newtown Arts Company logo:

Believe me, once this event goes live, I am photographing the heck out of it! Oh, and I also got roped into agreeing to help with the decorations- centerpieces, decor for cocktail hour, paper star chandeliers (see my tutorial on these chandeliers here).
The paper chandeliers:

One of the centerpiece demos- each table is themed around a show the theater company has done in the past 30 years (this one is for "Our Miss Brooks"):

Being on the gala committee, I also helped put together the raffle baskets. We are having 30 baskets for 30 years- also themed around shows the theater company has done. (below is only a portion of the baskets)

So, the baskets in itself have been a large task. It has been a super busy few weeks as everything comes down to the wire and lots of stuff coming in last minute (placecards, the program, etc.) and I feel like a chicken with my head cut off- but I thought I'd pop in quick to just say, hello blogger land, I'm still alive, I promise!(I hope to get Totally Tuesday Picks up before next tuesday hopefully- *fingers crossed*).

Last week (among the chaos) I had a chance to go to my friend's "Friendsgiving" party- basically Thanksgiving with friends, as her family goes away for Thanksgiving (and perfect for people like me, who are working Thanksgiving). ;)

Hubs and I brought mini  Banana-Pumpkin Cupfins (cupcake/muffins) with cream cheese icing:

And we got to have our beverages of the evening out of hollowed out mini pumpkins. hehe

Once Saturday is over I promise I will be back to my normal blogging schedule next week, when I have my life back. lol
Have a great evening everyone. *fingers crossed this gala happens without a hitch*

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