Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cleaning a Gross Oven

So this week we broke down and cleaned the oven. I honestly think this has to be one of the most gross things to have to clean (other than the bathrooms). We started to get smoke coming from our oven due to buildup inside the oven- so we knew it was time to attack it with some cleaning- they type of cleaning that wasn't the "self-cleaning" mode. We were afraid that mode might smoke up the house just as much, so we had to get down and dirty with hand cleaning it. Ick!

Luckily, it wasn't too horrible (I'm sure my husband disagrees though- since he did most of it, lol).

All you need is 2 products:

After spraying down the cleaner inside the oven door and bottom of the oven, we let it sit for a few minutes. Then we attacked the mess with the scraper- scraping off the gunk (and wiping down with paper towels).
 We did the "self-cleaning" mode afterwards, just as an extra clean. In the end, it looks SO much better and now- guess what- no more smoke!

Again, here is the Before:

And the After:

All sparkles!
Hope you have a great day and don't have to do this dirty job today. ;P

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