Thursday, November 27, 2014

Subscription Box Review: November Ipsy Glam Bag

Welcome to another Subscription Box Review! Check out my previous Subscription box reviews here.

November Ipsy Glam Bag:

This month's Ipsy was decent- really only one item I wouldn't ever use and one item that I'm saving for special events. The bag's theme was "sparkle"- as you can tell by the bag.
A friend of mine and my mom both got completely different bags as me, but all 3 of us got the hairspray. Since I don't use the highlighter, I am swapping it with my friend- and I'll get a liquid liner in return.

Here's the lowdown on what I got:

Marc Anthony's Oil of Morocco hairspray. Everyone I've talked to got this in their bag. I'm not a huge hairspray fan, but I'll be using it come show-time or holidays. It's a great travel size for that.

SeaRx Micro-dermabrasion Face and Body Scrub. This little pink bottle...hmm. I tried it- did the trick of smoothing out my skin, though not as much as I had hoped (I have really dry skin)- but I'm sure if I did it more often, it would work wonders. Not sure about the "preventative aging" part, but I am on the tail-end of being 28- never can start too soon, right?  ;)

Temptu S/B Highlighter. This is the only product I will NEVER use that I got in my bag. I'm actually going to swap this with a friend who uses highlighters. It's a cute little bottle- I'll just never use it.

StarLooks Ultra Orchid gem eye liner pencil. It's a pretty purple color (My mother got the gold one). I haven't tried it yet on my eyes, but the color is pretty- and it gives a little shimmer too!

Wet'N'Wild's Megasticks Balm Stain moisturizing lip colour in Lady & the Vamp. Honestly, when I picked this up, I looked at the color and was like- toooo dark for me. But after trying it, it goes on smooth and not very thick, so the color is nice- almost purple-ish. It has a somewhat minty flavor, surprisingly. It looks cute with a gloss overtop and lasts even through lunch!

This is me wearing the stain, right after having lunch (so it lasted through lunch!).

Here's my current photo setup, in case you were interested. I'm slowly, but surely, trying this photo thing at home. lol. I know I'm no professional, but at least I'm trying, right?

Overall, it wasn't a bad bag. The bag itself was not my favorite honestly, but overall, not too bad. I'm looking forward to December's bag *fingers crossed for holiday theme somethings*.
Have you tried Ipsy? I'd love to know what YOU got in your glam bag this month!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! 

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