Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Simple Fall front door decor

Fall is in well-swing over here in Pennsylvania, but I know the fall weather isn't going to last forever. A few weeks ago, while out and about, I came across a good sale on mums towards the end of the season (right before Halloween). I put them in my fall front decor below, and they lasted me a few weeks.

 I got the white chair from a neighbor who was throwing it out- I liked the semi-weathered look to go with the decor. (Please excuse my storm door- I still have to finish painting it (it's been staying unfinished for many months now, as I have been trying to track down the matching paint which we didn't get enough of in the first place- doh!))

I actually really like the simple fall look. (Sorry I forgot to post this sooner!)

I just now decided to plant the mums, so *HOPEFULLY* they come back next year in the beautiful yellow bloom they have here. After having to kick out the neighborhood cats from my flower beds, I replanted them (and trimmed up a tiny bit of our rose bush).

Top photo- The neighborhood cats enjoying my flower beds. grr.
Next photo- the newly planted mums- it was getting dark, so I apologize for the dark photo.
I'm looking forward to winter, but refuse to start in on the Christmas decor till at least the week of Thanksgiving, so I just have pumpkins galore outside and in the house. lol

Wendy right after Halloween- enjoying the fall sunlight.

Have you started on your Christmas decor, or are you just rocking the Fall decor like I am? Leave me a comment below- I'd love to hear from you! (Feel free to leave a link too if you have one, to your current decor).

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Have a great fall and Wednesday!

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