Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frenzified: A new adventure

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while my blogging buddies, but I've been working on a super secret project of mine. Today is the day that I open it to the public, and of course all of you!
You see...I have started my own digital image site, which people (or ya'll if you're interested) can purchase/download the digital images and use in all your papercrafting goodies.
I know there are plenty of hybrid papercrafters out there, like myself and my mother, so after a lot of debating, I gave it a go. I have been toying with the idea for a couple of years now...since my maid of honor and I made images of Black and White animals for my wedding table cards.
All the images are designed/drawn by me. I plan to put up more sets as time passes, but right now there is 2 sets for sale (which you can buy the whole sets, or individual pieces of the sets).

You can check out my new site, Frenzified, here at its new site:

I am super excited about this venture, and I REALLY hope you all are interested in it too. Right now i'm offering a $1 coupon code for your purchase, so just enter


in the coupon code spot of your shopping cart when you are set to checkout. The coupon is good till January 25th, so don't delay!

Another fun thing, I created for the site is this cute "spokesbird" as I like to call him, Love Bird, who will show up on a lot of the Frenzified items.

He is a little creation I have been drawing for MANY years, like since high school I believe. hehe. I thought I'd bring him to life as the mascot of the store. :)

Anyways, check it all out, even if you don't purchase anything. Please let me know what you think, enter the poll, join my newsletter mailing list, or just keep connected with my new store on Facebook or Twitter. Help me spread the word and get this store rolling!

Thanks my blogging buddies!!


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