Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine's day hugs

So I am finally getting around to making thank you cards for family members who gave me Christmas gifts. So I decided to make them early Valentine's day cards besides thank you cards. Here are two of the cards I made. (the others I just so happened to have a few thank you cards and valentine's day cards left over from when I made them for something else, that I only had to make 2 cards!). So without futher ado, here are the Vday/Thank you cards. :)
(Monkey hugs!)

(I love this vday felty! so cute! it worked perfect as the "flower" the monkey was holding) 

(I had an extra colored image I made originally for my card club, and made it into this card. The hearts are from the $1 bin at Target. Gosh I love saving money on supplies. )


So there you have it. Stay tuned later in the week for some more card fun! :)

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  1. Oh, I love those monkeys and I really like the flower.


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