Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thinking Pink!

In light of Valentine's day, I decided to make the below 3 cards. I have been going through a LOT of sketches by other cardmakers recently to help kickstart my creativity. It's been a rough week blogwise, since early this week my beloved Mac computer died. I'm trying to save it from being completely "bricked", but in the meantime, I'm trying to deal with my PC laptop and my external harddrive that has most (but not all) of my files saved on it. It's been a rough week figuring out what was lost, what was saved, and what I can make do with. So I apologize I didn't post these sooner. I had to re-photograph them, since the original photos were lost in my computer's sudden death. But before that I was looking at old sketches from other cardmakers to help jumpstart my creativity, hence these 3 creations.

Anyways, these are all loosely based on cards made by K. Werner, but with my own look, feel and style added to them. I hope in a day or so I can show you some scrapbook pages I did also. Not my absolute best ones, but it's been one of those weeks where my creativity has been lacking. Maybe because I've been so swamped with things at work, that when I come home I am too tired to do much of anything than sit and watch Netflix or Hulu streamed tv shows. ( basically I've just been a lazy bum all week. haha!) It's no excuse, but sometimes you just need a break. Ok, enough complaining from my end, here are my 3 pink cards!

(I used these cute Thickers from a SCS Secret Sister swap. The adorable strawberry is Martha Stewart. I got them on sale a LONG time ago, and I just thought it was be adorable for this!)

(I adored the original card that KWerner put together, so I decided to make my own version- colors, addition of flowers, buttons, thickers, etc.)

 (When I saw this adorable cupcake on a "embelishment" set I knew I HAD to use it. So cute! The smooches is a rub-on, however it didn't all transfer properly, hence the "cover up" of pearls. lol)
 Has everyone finished their V-day cards yet? I think this year, I'm only really going to send V-day cards to a few people. I don't have the time or money for postage, to send to as many people I sent the Christmas cards too. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these. What's your fav?
Later alligators! :)

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  1. I love that strawberry! I love that it is covered in fabric. Like the cupcake too!
    I've started the kids valentines for school, but have not started my own.


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