Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby dear, welcome!

So for this Friday's card showcase of mine, I'm showing off a card I made for a co-worker of mine. His daughter is due to have his grandson any day now, so he wanted a card to give to her when the baby comes. I made their baby shower card earlier, and everyone in the family enjoyed it so much, he wanted to get more business out of me. (fine with me! I love custom orders...the pose real challenges in papercrafting).
Anyways, originally I just had the "baby dear" but the bottom corner looked like it was missing something to me, so I decided to add the "welcome". Also, originally I just stamped the sentiment in blue ink, then realized I wanted more of an embossed look, so I went to emboss clear embossing over top, but I was too lazy to restamp it all over. I liked how the "slightly off" look of the embossing gives it more of a shadow effect than over top the color. These popup (the duck and butterfly) were part of a baby looking animal popup sticker set, that I just adored. I immediately thought of them when thinking up the card. I also HAD to include the fuzzy felty ribbon in the card, since baby cards just feel like they need to be fuzzy. hehe
Anyways, enjoy this baby-filled Friday. :)

I am quite proud of how this card came together. I had a general sketch idea for it, but the rest of it just sorta fell into place. I love when that happens, don't you? Anyways, have a wonderful Friday and awesome weekend!

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  1. That is very cute! (I can use that idea too...I have the same Baby Dear stamp.) I have to make a baby shower card cousin is expecting her first and its a girl!


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