Friday, May 10, 2013

Favorites Friday #11: Techie Time

Welcome to another Favorites Friday!
This week I am all about the techie fun- I am in love with two iphone/ipad apps this week, and I just adored Iron Man 3- I'm a nerd at times, so embracing my geekdom happens sometimes. lol
Enjoy my five favorites of the week!

1. Iron Man 3 Movie: I went and saw this movie with my hubs, since we both love Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. I loved it! And can I just say- Pepper Potts kicked major butt in this movie! I am trying to convince the hubs to do a Tony Stark and Pepper Potts couple costume for Halloween with me. hehe

2. CalenMob iphone/ipad App: This calendar app is one of the best ones I've found. It easily syncs with Google Calendar (and vice versa). I was using a different calendar app a while ago that was similar, however they never updated it when changes to the iphone happened, and now it doesn't work- hence why I now use this one. It syncs really quick and is simple to use!

3. Haunted Hollow Game App: My hubs got me into this game app. It reminds me of Hero Academy, if any of you have ever played it, but is kind of addicting- even in single player mode. I love all the creepy (but cute) characters you can play and unlock, as you try to scare the town. Love it! (and I'm sure if you have kids, they'd love this too).

4. Special K Raspberry Cheesecake Cereal Bar: I adore Special K bars, and this has to be my favorite of their cereal (breakfast) bars. You can't go wrong when something is cheesecake flavored!

5. MIA Women's San Francisco Mary Jane Shoes: These have to be, hands down, one of my favorite and go-to shoes with jeans. Since I'm short, my jeans always are too long, so these give me the extra lift, and still look super cute with them. They are comfortable and perfect for people with a wide toe-box (like me- my feet are very triangular). I own the black pair, but they also come in brown.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my favorites of the week!

Have a great weekend all!

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