Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Work it! Wednesday: The drama of Yardwork

Hey gang, welcome to another Work it! Wednesday.

So what all are we working on these days, besides playing video games, practicing for theater productions and working our butts off?
I've been slowly trying to update our front porch with some springy decor...

My hubs painted the storm door, but then realized he didn't get enough paint to finish the we have to finish that. lol...

We got some lovely little flowers for out front to put in my cute Dollar store planters. :)

We took down those two trees on the side, as they served no purpose at all, and are starting to plant a garden where the "green squigglies" are. lol. (This was taken before we did a lot of yardwork and painting)

Eventually we want to get flowers/bushes for the outside of the fence...

I am down to the final parts of my sign for out front. This was the basic layout, but mine will be a lot more colorful and probably not nearly as slick as this one (since I can't paint a straight line to save my life) but from the road it should be fine. haha

Plans for the backyard- tire swing eventually, and fire pit?

We have started a compost pile to the left of the shed. We just are stumped what to do with the rest of the backyard.

My next task is to tackle that crazy rose tree/bush (on the right below) and the weeds that have started to overrun it.

Finding uses and fun things to do with the Letterpress letters I got from a co-worker.

Hubs and I converted a tv stand/microwave cart into a cat-litter/food tray kitty cart for the bathroom.

Spending lots of time with our kitty Wendy...

And we finally finished out giant dry erase board for the kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully later in the week/month, we can get some of the unfinished projects done!

 Have a great Wednesday!

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