Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Dollar Store Foam Sign Blinged and Cat Litter Cart

Hey peeps. Just popping in for a quick Thrift Thursday!
 Here are a few projects that we've done recently around the house, using things from the Dollar Store and other thrifty places.
We made a Powder Room Sign from a Dollar Store foam sign, and a Cat Litter/Food Cart for the bathroom from a yard sale find and Dollar Store containers.

First, we'll start with the
Powder Room Sign
  • Foam- $1
  • Bling jewels- $1 (on sale in Dollar Bin at Michael's)
  • Used Cricut, white paper and Xyron X adhesive

This project was quite easy, and serves the purpose of showing all my friends where the heck the bathroom is! lol
So our powder room is very purple, so when at the dollar store the one day, I saw this foam sign. I just had to make it into a powder room sign.

I cut out the letters on my Cricut (I used a Halloween cartridge for the letters).

I then ran the letters through my Xyron X adhesive.

Adhered the letters and the bling, and tada! Finished blinged sign for very little cash!

And now onto the
Cat Cart
Microwave/TV cart found on online yard sale site- $15
2 red buckets (adherd letters to front with cricut cut letters) - $2
2 scoops- $2
2 white tubs (one for a backup)- $2
1 floor mat- $1
1 box of cat litter liners- $1
Red Tray (from Target on sale during after Christmas Sale), litter, food, bowls, red place mat- all already had
(Total cost of project- $23)

We found this cart on an online yardsale site.

We really wanted to have a way to have our Cat's Litter contained, and able to be moved to another room when guest stay over (since right now this is in our Guest/Hall bathroom).

I added letters to the tubs (originally we got yellow since we originally planned to put this in our master bathroom, then realized it didn't really fit well there, but fit perfectly in the hall bathroom).
The tubs and everything fit PERFECTLY on the shelf. We added the floor mat to the inside, and it worked great too.

 (original yellow ones, which will become planters eventually for outside)

Down the line we might cut a hole in the side so we can keep the doors closed, but for now, this works- closes right up and rolls down the hall when people are over.

We put Wendy's food bowls on top, so her food wouldn't get all over the place, and gives her exercise to jump up to it.

(Wendy got all sleepy after all the new fun stuff!)

All in all, 2 projects with Dollar Store and yard Sale items. It's fun to be thrifty, isn't it?

Have a Thrifty Thursday!

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