Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Etsy shop!

So I broke down and made an Etsy shop. I have a big pile of cards that I'm not sure who I would send to, and I always am making more cards, so I decided, "Hey, why not make a little cash for my time and effort?!"
So, check out my etsy shop here. It has a similar look and feel as this here blog, so you should feel right at home!
For right now, I only posted 8 cards, since it takes longer than you think to pop those babies onto online listings. (that and I have to resize all the photos, since my photos for this blog are way bigger than what they allow on Etsy).
Check my shop out and let me know if you see anything needing tweeking. I'm new to the whole Esty thing, so bear with me. Below is what I put in my shop!
Hugs all and check out my shop!

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  1. I'm getting ready to do that too!! I started my pile of what I'm going to sell.... Wondering how to ship things with the amount of stuff I have on them though...someone suggested cardboard on the top and bottom of the card and then in a bubble mailer - what say you? Good luck!


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