Monday, April 27, 2009

Virtual Stamp Night in April

Ok, so I am making this a super quick post. I am very tired and tomorrow I have a LOT of things to do- get my oil changed in my car (and have them check out my Air Conditioning, since I think it is low on that special fluid that makes your AC cold), stop by the Post office (I had everything to go on Friday, then I got delayed by a late lunch with the hubby and they closed by the time I got there! argh!), also I really want to just do something I enjoy before I have to go to work. Today official I became "run down" from working night shifts all last week. Ugh.
Anyways, on Saturday I managed to crank out 4 cards before our friends came over for dinner, board games, a movie (DeathNote 2- live action version dubbed with the original animated series' voice actors) and the usual Saturday night fun with the gang. The VSN mini challenge theme is Vegas, so I managed to participate in 4 challenges: Bellie up the Buffet (used at least 3 different embellishments), Gold, Gold and more Gold (use gold in your creation), The Strip (use strips of paper as your background), and Happy Hour (make a card inspired by your favorite drink). 

Bellie up the Buffet

Gold, Gold and more Gold

The Strip

Happy Hour: story behind this, my fav. drink is a creation at our local bar called the "Cherry Bomb" however now that the makers of Pucker has stopped making cherry Pucker, it is a very difficult drink to come by. It is a very sweet drink, almost like sweet tart candy. :) - The card had to be inspired by a favorite drink for those of you who missed that before.

I said this would be quick and I'm already getting long winded, so enjoy!


  1. LOOK at those sparklies on that tree...remind me of sequins from back in the day - looks like you had fun with the VSN!

  2. I do like how you did the Owl card I love the owl I have the same stamp and I gave away 2 others to friends.


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