Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mother's Day cards for a Friend

So I have been awake all day/night today. It currently is roughly 11am here in PA and I have been up since noon yesterday. (whow!) I made the mistake of having a caffeinated beverage around 8pm last night at dinner, and me being on a healthier kick have basically given up caffeine, so when I do drink it, I get allllllll hyped. Anyways, cranked out 4 Mother's Day cards for a co-worker and one audition card for a design team on a fellow blogger's new digital sentiments company.  But I will just show  you the Mother's Day cards today, since this blog will be way too long anyways and I think I might finally crash after I post. Read the bottom of my post for the story behind why none of these cards have any words on them. *sigh*

Ok, so the story goes: about a day after I made my Etsy site, a co-worker of mine was surfing the net and came across Etsy. I happened to glance over at the right time and quickly mentioned I just opened my own store for my creations. She checked out my store then immediately requests that I make her some Mother's Day cards for her mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt. However, since most of them do not speak English, she wanted to know if I could make them with no sayings or if I had to make sayings, she would specify what it was to say. So instead of having her go into the trouble of writing out things that I could say on the card and to avoid the possibility I would spell words wrong, etc. I let her know that I would do my best to create cards with no words on them. Ok, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS!!!!??? Me, being the chipboard lover and sentiment-holic I am, was soooo challenged. Since there were to be Mother's Day cards and not like one of your other important holidays, I have very little to work with. Um, flowers, butterflies, stuff like that? Also, I was to not use glitter or markers on them. Another blow to my comfort zone. But I got through them, and half I like, the other half I only sorta like. So above are the fab four! Enjoy!


  1. Morgaine,
    I LOVE these cards! That first one is just gorgeous! and your use of the crochet flower on that other one rocks the house! You do great work!

  2. These are just gorgeous, Morgaine! Your co-worker is going to be thrilled : )

  3. What a fab way to monetize your hobby - and getting custom orders allowing you to create as you wish - fun fun fun. Love these cards....all the great cutouts...and the crocheted flowers....nice!


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