Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's a great Sunday!

Ok, so I am a happy cookie today. Here are the happy items!
  1. Later today is my first meeting/practice for "Hello, Dolly!" for King of Prussia players where I will taking on the role of Irene (supporting female lead!).
  2. One of my cards was featured in KWerner designs blog's top 20 for her last color inspiration challenge (this a major goal of mine!) Check my card out and the other awesome cards in the top 20 here. My original card post is here. What a great thing to add to my happy day. I do love these color combos. I would of never thought to bring in some yellow. Below is the top twenty from her site.(Mine is in the second row, center!)
  3. Today is my day hosting at Fun-Frilled. You can see the supplies list and "preview" in my earlier post here. You can view my full card over at Fun-Frilled here.
I know I am throwing lots of links out to you today (if you even read this post- since some people just look for the pictures and never ACTUALLY read the posts. So to give you some eye candy, here are the previews of the two cards I mentioned in my above happiness. So PLEASE, check out KWerner's blog and Fun-Frilled today!
Also, if you haven't yet, take part in the Fun-Frilled challenge and you can win some awesome loot. Check it out here.
Have a Happy sunday all!

(Featured card in KWerner's top 20 Color Inspiration)

(Fun-Frilled card preview)

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  1. LOL @ some people don't read and just look for the pictures...I think that's true... Good luck with the first practice tonight - enjoy! And congrats on the color challenge recognition!


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