Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrappy Saturday

Holy Moly! Has it really been almost a whole week since I posted anything. Dang.
Been busy busy, and I'm sure next week will be just as busy. 'Tis the season for lots to do. So I have a major role in our local community theater's production of "Hello, Dolly!" so my schedule will be starting to get really busy. For those of you who know the show, I will be playing Irene Molloy. Woot! Can't wait till we get into the thick of the practices/shows, since we (my hubby and I) will be hanging out with some good friends who are also in the show. So because of my wonkey work schedule in April, I can only make 2 of the 3 practices a week *sigh.* But after our trip to Florida in May, my schedule will change, and then 3 days a week, is practice at night. 
So like I said, BUSY bee here. Also, my hubby and I are debating over what we are going to do housing wise. Our lease is up on our apartment here by August, but we have to let them know if we are not renewing our lease by July 1st, so we are tirelessly trying to find some place cheaper to live. I really wish we had the money to just buy a house, so I won't have to deal with renting stupid expensive apartments (there are very little houses for rent around here) but alas, we are newlyweds who didn't have much money when we got married, then paying for the wedding and honeymoon- that is where most of our money saved up for went. Ugh. Anyways, enough of my complaining. So I finally had some free time today to crank out a few cards. I decided to just do some scrap cards, since I was too lazy to get up and go through my piles of designer paper, and my scrap paper piles is on my main craft table, so it is much more easy to just use from there. :)

Anyways, here are two cards. I made the Best Wishes one first (above), wasn't totally into it (though my hubby really liked it) then made the next card, which I originally was going to use the spring circles in a card a while back, but never ended up using it then, so I used it now.  I wanted to also try and use some of my new stuff from Oriental Trading Co. (the Best Wishes stamp, glue dots and adhesive, among other fun stuff I got). So enjoy, and remember to check out my Fun-Frilled Bridal Shower card tomorrow (Sunday). :)

Hugs all!


  1. I really like that first one - love those colors and that sentiment is super cool...big and fun...and you used a safety pin! - - I am challenged there. You did well!


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