Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

So I am getting over a sinus infection and haven't been doing much of anything, but just sitting around. I went to work yesterday (didn't have a lot of choice when there is no one to cover for me and the paper DOES need to get designed). I took a sick day on Wednesday and left early for a half day on Tuesday, where I spent all that time pretty much sleeping and coughing (and a quick visit to the doctor to find out I had a sinus infection). So now I am on amoxacillin, musinex, and some nasal saline stuff (however you spell thoses medications), and already I feel better with each 12 hrs that pass by. My voice is almost completely back to normal (so I don't sound like a frog anymore) and my nose doesn't run like a faucet much either. Ok, enough chatting about sickness (or as my best friend Cat calls it "the plague"). :)
On a happy note, I made KWerner's Color Inspiration top 10 this week! Yay! Now last color inspiration challenge I made the top 20, but this week I made the top 10- which is just as "happy dance"-worthy as the top 20 but with a little extra hooray afterwards. :) I really feel I am getting better by the days with my card making. Now I don't normally make cards for the glory or the showing off, I do them to give to others to make them happy, but sometimes it is nice to see comments or get picked for favs or top lists once and a while. Makes me feel that I am making some headway in making quality pieces in my hobby.
So here is the top 10 from KWerner's. Can you see which one is mine? (if you haven't seen the card I made, you might not get it).

For those who haven't see the card, you can check out my post with it here.
If you've guessed it, mine is the 4th one in the first row. 
I love these color challenges, I love her color round-ups, even if I'm not in them. But it always makes me excited when I am chosen in them. :)
Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and I hope to get back into some more papercrafts here soon. Probably tonight or tomorrow I will crank some fun stuff out.
Hugs to all and Happy Easter. 
Make sure to check out Fun-Frilled today and everyday (especially my Sundays!). Later all!

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  1. Yeah, I'm with you - don't make cards for the accolades, but, when you get them it makes you feel like OK, my work doesn't suck because someone actually likes it - LOL
    Hope you get to feeling all better soon!


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