Friday, February 15, 2013

Spare drawer turned into wall mini bookshelf

So after redoing our bedroom dresser upstairs, we had an extra drawer. I had seen somewhere someone making an entire wall of drawers into bookshelves. I decided to add it to our dining room and make it hold cook books. That wall looked so blank to me originally, so I decided to do some fun wall decor by adding the drawer cubby there.

Once we got rid of the big desk drawers that were in that corner, we moved the bar cart also to there. Right now it is all decked out for Valentine's Day, but I know it will match much better when i don't have Red stuff everyone. lol

Basically our Dining room is Brown, Gold and Black mostly. I know the cart matches the kitchen the best, but right now, it fits nicely in that spot of the dining room. Maybe once I add some silver accents through the room it will blend better. (who knows!)
Anyways, we basically drilled this drawer to the wall and tada! Book cubby! Perfect size for our cookbooks. :D

 It was a simple project and I think completes the spot. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day all!


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