Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: #1

Welcome to the first Thrifty Thursday here at Madcap Frenzy.
This new feature is where I show off some of my thrifty finds and some ideas I have for them or high priced variations that are my inspiration to knock off, as well as other deals I've found. hehe

1. Among the thrifty finds this week, is this adorable chandelier.

 It was up for sale for $4 (yes, only $4!) on an online yard sale site. I showed it off yesterday in our Work it! Wednesday, as a project that is on our todo list. We haven't figure out where exactly we want it- hallway, dining room, or spare bathroom. Either way, I want this baby black, with some jewels drapped from it. Similar to this adorable chandelier, $145 from Frankie:

2. Also, recently my hubs and I took a trip to our local Salvation Army in search of our perfect '80s prom party outfits. We were super successful in our finds (I won't show them off just yet though, I'll show them when we have the party- don't want any spoilers!).
While there, I came across this ADORABLE red strapless dress for $6.50. My plan for it is to wear it for an press awards dinner coming up in April.

I'm thinking of pairing it with a black balero jacket, black jewelry, black belt and black heels. What do you think would look nice paired with it? I was thinking something along these lines but with a jacket and necklace, from Younkers:

3. Another thrifty find I wanted to share, I actually got a few months ago, but realized I didn't really talk about it. I found this adorably cute blue typewriter for sale on an online yard sale site for $10 (or $15, I can't remember what we settled on). Anyways, it works and is soooo cute! My mom got rid of my typewriter when I was younger, as I didn't use it then, however I was kicking myself for not holding on to it. When I saw this cutie on the site, I jumped at the chance to call it my own.

Right now it is in my craft room/office (makes sense), since we don't really have any "blue" anywhere in the house (what a shame, now that I think about it). I might try to dress up its little corner or lend it to my friend who is getting married (with blue is one of her colors), similar to something like this from the knot:

4. Lastly for Thrifty Thursday, I just want to show off this deal through Lean Cuisine. Since I'm a Weight Watchers supporter, Lean Cuisines are perfect for your points plus. They also have gotten so much more tastier! So if you're getting some quick meals for work or at home, pick up Lean Cuisines and don't forget about the codes inside the boxes. You could score a free lunchbox, if you enter 20 codes before March 31st! I have already gotten 2 free lunchboxes and 2 free magazine subscriptions through Lean Cuisine's Delicious Rewards program since I started entering my codes within the past 2 years, and I have another lunchbox (the purple one) on the way! If you don't want your codes, feel free to send them to my way. haha But anyways, don't forget about the codes!

So, I thought I'd tell ya'll about my thrifty finds and deals I've scored. I hope to make this a weekly thing, but if I don't score any deals a week, obviously there won't be a thrifty thursday that week. (I know, gasp!- a week without scoring a deal?!) Hopefully that doesn't happen ever. haha
Anyways, Happy Thursday all!


  1. Great finds! I love that teal table, gorgeous.

  2. Hi Morgaine,
    Hopped on over from Chase the Star. Great thrift finds! Love the typewriter and chandelier. I have about a dozen thrift store finds in the garage just waiting for some inspiration to kick in...sometimes I think the hunt is the best part of thrifting/transformations. Now following. Would love for you to come by and say hello.



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