Friday, February 15, 2013

Daydreams of an outdoor firepit area

So recently my husband and I acquired 4 benches (with seats) from his work. They decided they wanted to upgrade their indoor bench/seating area to something else. Us being the DIY type, jumped at the chance to acquire these pieces. So here is our plan:

Basically arrange the benches in a square around a firepit that we hope to build in the backyard. We have to stain/prep/paint the wood benches so they are more outdoor friendly, as well as cover the seats with more water-resistant fabric.

A friend online suggested that we turn one of the holes where a seat goes and make it a spot for a cooler to be stuck in (great suggestion btw), so we might end up doing that with one of the benches (maybe the small one?).

So we have great plans for this, but I'm so nervous as I've never worked on such a big project for an outdoor space. Anyone have any suggestions or tutorials on making furniture more outdoor friendly?

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to see some of my inspirations for the future space on my pinterest board for the Yard/Patio, or follow me on Pinterest in general!

Other than that, we've been busy finishing up the bedroom decor and the hubs put up shelves in my craft room, so that is coming along nicely! Once these are more complete, I'll show pics! I've been also trying to figure out how to fixup our cruddy rusty storm doors. I think I might paint them, but not sure what color. What do you guy think? Right now it is white and the door is dark green. I'm thinking painting it the same color as the door (if I can find the paint), like ones I found on pinterest (see my yard/Patio board above).

Also, of course Wendy has been helping out around the house too! lol

Also, can I just say I've become completely addicted to "Supernatural" via Netflix. I have blown through almost all of the 7 seasons of episodes on Netflix within this month, and I don't know what I'm gonna do when I run out!

Anyways, have a great weekend all! Stay tuned for the recipe to my Valentine's Day Lemon Sugar cookies! :D

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