Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work it Wednesday: #1

Welcome to the first "Work it Wednesday" over at Madcap Frenzy.
I'm trying something new over at the blog-o, to hopefully jump start my creativity and jump start the blog from its laziness of last year.
So this new weekly feature is kind of an update to what we are working on this week, when it comes to projects around the house or in our lives.

Our current in-progress projects include:

1. Re-painting our yard sale find of a chandelier

(Got this baby for $4. Oh yeah!)

2. Gathering items and creating decor for our '80s prom birthday party 

(I've already created the main signs for the party, one above, 3 others not shown, picked up the streamers and tableware, got my outfit, I just need to fix up the King & Queen crowns, cutout the letters for the lightup sign, make the "photo booth" backdrop, makes some banners, plan out the menu, and create the Superlative awards)

3. Stenciling the 1/2 bathroom downstairs and bling it out

(I picked up a damask stencil and some glossy paint. We shall see if this is too thin of paint, or if it is perfect, or if it works as a "shadow" effect, and I go and add a darker color over top)

4. Make benches outdoor friendly and re-cover cushions for outdoor seating

(The plan for the firepit benches)

 (The possible "fabric" aka. PEVA tablecloths which match these pillows I found first below, perfectly!)

(All I have to find is some pale yellow tablecloths and I will have enough to cover all of the cushions for the benches AND match these pillows)

These are just some of the projects on our plate that we hope to finish this week (or even this month). We may finish all, we may finish none, but in the end, we will Work It! Or at least try to make it all work. haha

And have you linked up a project at my first ever Link Party? Link away over at the Totally Tuesday link party!

What are you working on? Feel free to share in the comment section or on Facebook. I love to see "in-progress" projects!
Have a great day!

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