Sunday, February 3, 2013

Things are looking different...

Just so you all know:
Yes, you are at Madcap Frenzy, my blog site.
I just have decided to do some "sprucing up", so don't mind the mess as I try to make this blog looking nice.

After a lot of thinking, I decided that there really needs to be 3 separate parts to my online design presence. So, within the next month, I'm going to redesign these three aspects and make them closer to what I want them to be. There is my profession design work, spare time/personal projects, and then my hopeful freelancing invitation design outlet.

1. My person portfolio of design works,
Basically this is my professional graphics design portfolio. My way of showing off the design projects that I do in my professional career. Eventually I'll figure out the right way to redirect to the portfolio portion (my OLD portfolio is still on the original link, and I can't figure out how to get rid of it for my /portfolio wordpress site- anyone know the easiest way to redirect without losing my /portfolio site?)

2. My blog here,
This is my blog where I show all the DIY projects, papercrafting- scrapbooking and cards, and all the crafty fun projects I do in my spare time. Under this umbrella is also my Stepping with Smiles- the area where I update once a week on how I am staying healthy (or not) and keeping a fit way of life. Also is my 365 Days of Mo- my photo a day, and Life's A Game- the place where my husband and I talk about video games, primarily World of Warcraft, as well as sharing our parody songs we create. I also share my discount finds, DIY projects, Olioboards and decorations/home decor. Basically this is the place where I post all the crafty stuff I do.

3. Frenzified,
This site started out as a digital image store that I created after my mom mentioned that she needed digi images for a card she was making in a swap. It started out decent, with challenges and all that jazz, however over the years I have found Digi image stores just struggle massively when you are the only designer- I can't create the amount that most people would want in selection, all by myself, so later this year the site is going to go through a big overhall. No longer will it be a digital image store. Instead, it will be my place JUST for invitation design. Over the years I have found that invite design is something all my friends want from me, and something I enjoy the most. So, later this year (or if I get ambitious, later this month) Frenzified digital image store will be turned into Frenzified invitation design. "Is your life in a frenzy? Frenzified is here to be your friend in invite design!" So, on this portion of my life, stay tuned. haha

Anyways, Enjoy and let me know if you have any ideas on things you want to see here on this blog.
Hugs all!

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