Friday, April 26, 2013

Favorites Friday #9: Being comfortable and Unique, all at once

Welcome to another Favorites Friday. I am all about things that are comfortable and unique this week.
These are my favorites of the week!

1. Old Navy Jersey-Tank Maxi Dress in Crushed Grapes color: I picked this dress up on sale a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. I wore it yesterday with a black belt and a black sweater to an awards dinner- it was the most comfortable dress I've worn to date. I love it!
2. Cacique Intimates Smooth T-shirt Bra by Lane Bryant: I have a green bra from here, and it my FAVORITE. It's always so difficult when you are a weird bra size, like 36DDD (like I am). It's so difficult being big chested, but not big around the ribcage. This is one of the best bras I've found that look good under t-shirts.
3. Netflix's Hemlock Grove: My hubs and I have started to watch this Netflix original series, and so far found it enjoyable. It's an odd toss up of a show that is along the monster horror and mystery line. So far, I do enjoy it, I just hope that they answer a few questions I have when it gets to the end of the series. The casting is amazing though- however every scene with Bill Skarsgård all I can think of how freaking tall he is, and that he's the younger brother to True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård.
4. Weight Watchers Chicken Tenders Pre-portioned: I love that these are already portioned out for you, with the point values already figure out. Perfect for fellow Weight Watchers people!
5. Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss: I have always been a Mary Kay kind of girl. I have always loved the Pink Diamonds lip gloss (and still have some left over and love it). They have since re-done the lip glosses, so the Pink Parfait (non-shimmer) or Pink Luster (shimmer) lip glosses are really close to the same thing. I love Mary Kay lip gloss!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Have a wonderful Friday!

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