Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pinable Travel and Family Wall Maps

Hey gang. Sorry it took me a while to get this post together- been busy doing some freelance design work besides my actual full-time day job.
Anyways, the hubs and I finally finished our living room wall maps, which we can add pins to show where we live, where our family lives and where we have traveled since we got married.

I got the two maps at Michael's with a coupon. We got the boards from Home Depot, and the hubs cut them to size. I like how the USA map turned out better than the world map- partially because the world map was a little big for the board.
(Hubs attaching the boards to the wall, and we attached the maps to the board with heavy-duty adhesive)

I found these little colored flag stickies at the dollar store, which I attached to stick pins to pin to where our family and ourselves live on the maps. We also screwed a little wire cup to the wall to hold the flags and pins, for easy additions.

Now we can show where we've visited- though right now we haven't really traveled much since we got married. Hopefully though we can travel more in the future!
Anyways, have a great day all!

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