Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Work it! Wednesday #5: Spring has Sprung!

Hey all! Welcome to another Work it! Wednesday!

Now that Spring has sprung, there are lots of projects on our plate right now.
With my mom stopping by this past weekend to attend our yearly Crop for Autism, I've been getting more in the crafty mood for once.
What I'm working on these days (and some projects with the hubs too):

 Felt like doing some hoop knitting, just for kicks. Might try to make a hat.

 These pretties have come out in bloom in front of the house. I hope we can get more flowers to plant, so our landscape is all colorful and pretty!

 I found these at the Christmas Tree Store. I couldn't find plain bright colored ones, but these will match nicely with the others that are plain colored to officially cover the outdoor seats. Can't wait to get that project DONE, since we've been holding off finishing them till we got more stuff to cover all of the seats.

 I made these over the weekend for a Project Life swap. Can't wait to get the whole year's worth of Project Life week cards and card candy back. Took me a LONG time to make 27 sets (26 weeks and one for the hostess) but I hope it will be worth it in the end, when I get a whole year's back from my fellow swappers. :D

 My mom gave me one of her sewing machines (she has a bunch, since she sews for a living), and since my tiny one really sucks. She helped me set it all up and re-learn some sewing tips.

 I then purchased my first "real" pattern. I aim to make the skirt on the bottom left.

In the above fabric! Wish me luck- I'm kind of a sewing newb. lol

Other happenings include later this week talking with the fire marshall, so we can figure out if we can make the fire pit where we want to put it. Also, getting the home all cleaned up and ready for spring/summer, since the temperature went from cold and rainy, to hot-as-hell.
Anyone know anything about central AC? This is the first place we've lived in that has central AC, and I can't tell if I'm an AC idiot or ours is having issues. eeek!

Anyways, have a wonderful Wednesday all! 

What are you all working on?

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