Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Antique jewelry and Old Navy clearance scores!

Welcome to another Thrifty Thursday!

I've found that I tend to do a lot more thrifting when my mom comes to visit. lol. Maybe its because I hate shopping alone- I have no control by myself. hehe
Here are some thrifty finds from this past week! Yay! I love thrifty finds!

Stop #1: Old Navy: I got 3 tops and 1 dress- for $26.47! I saved $20!

 (one of the tops was on Clearance for $3.97 and THEN had a 30% off of that! haha)

 The dress was on sale for $30 originally, but was then 50% off that- so only $15!

Stop #2: The Mill Property Antique store

 I scored this pretty spring necklace in a "grab bag" that was inside a jar (down below). It turned out so cute with my Old Navy yellow score. See below!

I also scored this beautiful pearl necklace that has a lovely flower-like clasp.

I scored this pretty cameo for only $2!

This jar (I have a little one I scored at a Sal-Val a while ago, so this matched perfectly!) It originally was filled with lots of goodies, including the yellow necklace above! My mom and I divided up the finds between the two of us. I also scored a blue antique bow hat/headband- which I'll have to photograph it better later.

Stop #3: Pier One Exports

 I got this cute little mirror for $1. (My mom scored some more stuff than me from here, so I'll leave her to share her scores on her own site. lol)

Stop #4: JoAnn Fabrics

I scored this fabric for over half-off a yard! Yay! I didn't even have a coupon that would give me that good of a deal!

So those are my scores of the week. I hope you have a great day gang!

Have a thrifty Thursday!


  1. I absolutely LOVE when old navy has a sale... it's crazy the deals you can find. Great haul!

  2. pretty jewelry! Thanks for showing us your prizes! Linda


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