Tuesday, January 15, 2013

roadside pickup double dresser all fixed up in sleek black

 (Hey, I actually updated this dresser even after this- see that ---> post here <--- a="a">) Pic below.

So we finally finished our roadside pickup treasure of a double dresser.

See, one day during the summer I was driving to practice behind my husband (we were going two different places so we needed two cars). We passed a double dresser on the side of the road. I immediately knew I wanted it, but we were running late to practice. When we got there my husband said, "I saw that dresser on the side of the road and I thought you were gonna stop for it." I told him I wanted to but knew we were running late. We agreed that if it was still there after practice we'd pick it up. Sure enough it was. We loaded the base in his car and the drawers in mine and brought it home.

 We didn't do much work on it till we bought our house, since we didn't have the room for it till then.

 It was missing a drawer and one of the drawers was badly damaged, so I got two baskets and we swapped the hardware around to make it more symmetrical after we spray painted it all black and the hardware silver.

All in all it worked out lovely. Yay! So glad it is done. Happy happy!
Now to figure out wall decor above the dresser.

Anyways, I'm so glad to show off the final result. I did want silver or red baskets, but for now these black ones will do.

Happy days!

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  1. great job! I love trash to treasure furniture re-dos. Found your post on Keep Calm and Link up. Thanks for sharing. I want to find a dresser to use in my dining room, but I'd want to do the opposite. lol I'd paint mine white :) Still, a good idea about the baskets


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