Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looking back at 2012 and looking forward to 2013

Ok, I know lots of bloggers did this kind of post a good month ago, but I thought, after looking over my past year of projects to link up to a 2012 DIY contest, I thought I'd kind of do a roundup of my year in projects and talk about what I have in store for this coming year.

So, my top three projects from 2012 are these babies:

Now on to my top 5 re-pinned Pinterest items. Personally I find some of these quite interesting that they were repinned the most (of today). 3 cards, 1 scrapbook page and one gift. I guess I'm still getting in the groove of Pinterest- haven't had any earth shattering pinned items, but I'm getting there. Feel free to pin everything and anything from my blog-o people! If you want to see more of my projects that I've pinned, if that is easier, I created a My Projects pin board that you can surely repin from, or feel free to follow my boards on Pinterest over here.

1) Beer cake- ok this surprised me, since it was such a simple idea, but it was perfect for a guy present. It wasn't even a post all on its own, and was something I put together quick for a friend's birthday. But then again, I know I struggle with gifts for men all the time. So I guess everyone else had the same issue, hence why it was my top pinned project!

2) Christmas double scrapbook layout- was a fun layout and a double layout (which is kind of becoming unheard of in the pro-scrapbooking publications).

3) Christmas Happy Holiday kraft card- one of the many Christmas cards I made this year, so I'm glad ya'll liked it!

4) Fly away card- so this is the only top pin that isn't from this year, but it is probably one of my all-time favorite cards I've made thus far, especially since it was for a co-worker's surprise to his wife.

5) Peace, joy, love Christmas card- another card from this year's Christmas card extravaganza, and super fun to dream up. I LOVE PTI's Christmas tag stamp set that I used for this.

Overview of this past year, 2012:
 I created a chalkboard from an old mirror, held a S'Mores party, made a dry-erase board and some new business cards, started planning out the rooms to our new house with Olioboard, made a headband holder, did scrapbooking projects at the Autism Crop, created a boat-load of reusable bags from old t-shirts, picked up some awesome finds at antique stores and thrift shops, finished my trash-to-treasure bar cart, created cake stands and a beer cake for a friend's birthday, revealed my bestie's wedding invite, scored more thrifty finds, showed off my father's day cards I sent out, checked out Chip It! and acquired our trash-to-treasure dresser, revealed the "Spooks and Scares" digital image set I created over at, went to CHA summer, helped hold a Beauty & the Beast/Parisian themed bridal shower for my bestie, made personalized mini suitcases for gifts to the crew of "The Music Man" where I played Marian, got my first project life package, was in my bestie's wedding and showed off some super fab projects and gifts for the event, bought our very first house, survived Hurricane Sandy in our new home, did a LOT of new projects in our new home including decorating for Thanksgiving then Christmas, sent out my massive amount of homemade Christmas cards, as well as created and sent out our 2012 year in review infographic letter. We also celebrated my hubs' grandfather's 75th birthday, I attended CropPink with my mom in October (and won the Pink Spirit contest with our SteamPink costumes), and rung in the New Year with a few of our closest friends with a New Year's dinner party.

So all in all, it has been a superfab year for projects! This 2013 year already I've decorated for Valentine's Day (with snowflakes!) AND finished our trash-to-treasure double dresser!

And now onto the future...
My plans for this coming year in projects and DIY and crafts:
  • Paint the chair/stools given to me by my co-worker for our breakfast nook in the kitchen (and finish adding the shelf table in there)
  • Find better wall decor for dining room
  • Finish our large clock made from old wood backing from vanity, for the living room
  • Find/finish living room decor (map for pinning where we've been and friends that live there? and/or shelf for faux mantel)
  • Pretty-up/finish 1/2 bathroom
  • Do SOMETHING with our front and back yard (flowers, firepit, new front-door appeal?)
  • Finish up wall decor for bedroom
  • Paint mirror for bedroom and repaint vanity & end tables
  • Update lampshades for bedroom
  • Finish decor in spare bedroom
  • Figure out what to do with hall bath
  • Finish wall decor for master bathroom
  • Organize and finish all the projects for the craft/office room (red polka dots?!!)
  • Lots of decorations for the holidays, projects for friends and family, and start planning a big 2013 New Year's party, since we didn't have a big one this year.
I know, a lot of plans, but even if I get a few done, I'll be happy.
So, check out my DIY projects from 2012, as well as many other cool projects from others over at the big contest at Not Just a Housewife.

Anyways, happy January and here is to a good year of DIY projects!

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