Monday, January 28, 2013

Turning a coffee table into a bench for the dining room

So, I have had this idea bouncing around in my head to turn this small coffee table we've had, into a bench. I then decided I wanted it in the dining room. So when we have guests over for dinner, you can fit 2-3 on the bench, along with the 3 chairs we have.  Sadly, the most expensive part of this project was the darn foam. Who knew that foam is so expensive!

Basically we picked up 3 square foam squares, upholstery fabric, stapled the fabric around the edges to the bottom, and tada! Bench!

 (the hubs after it is all stapled, before we cut the loose threads. lol)

I also added some gold pillows I had already, and they work nicely.
When we have parties and gatherings where the layout needs to be more open, the bench easily goes against the wall by the window, out of the way.

I think it looks fab and matches our newly upholstered chairs. I dig it!
DIY for the win!
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