Monday, January 28, 2013

Chalkboard wall in dining room and DIY bar

So my husband REALLY wanted a bar. Like super badly wanted one. We both thought the dining room would be the best place, but were not sure where to put it. Then, we got the brilliant ideas at 5am on a Sunday evening to basically re-arrange the entire dining room, paint the wall with chalkboard paint, cover the back of our buffet with fabric and make it into a bar, and re-upholster chairs and make a bench. Yeah, we're a little crazy like that in the DIY department.
So here is the end result.

All in all, it wasn't really that bad. We chalkboard painted the one wall.

Covered our buffet that we flipped around, with fabric (stapled it to the back, and the lined the edges with ribbon).

Then took our wine rack and flipped it around and attached a piece of board that was also painted with chalkboard paint, for a mini menu board. (in the original photos you will notice the beer sign and the fabric on that too, but after staring at it for a few days, I realized I didn't like it like that, and we added the chalkboard backing, and I like it so much better).

Added numbers to 3 stools we picked up at target

added our dart board to the wall and added 3 shelves to the left side wall, and tada! Bar.

Our friends all came over yesterday, and had a blast as my hubs played bartender in the back. Already we've added 2 quotes to the "quote" part of the wall, since I photographed everything. haha
All in all, it was fun, and since we like to entertain, it is perfect for us.
We used the Rust-oleum black chalkboard paint (below). I <3 br="" paints="" rust-oleum="">

Happy DIY.

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  1. I love this idea with the chalkboard paint and I agree, decorate the room as how you would most use it! It looks great. Thanks so much for all of your encouragement on Curb Alert! I am now following you and look forward to what you have to share!


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