Monday, January 28, 2013

Simple DIY re-upholstering dining room chairs

So, we got the bright idea to re-upholster 3 chairs (and then turn a coffee-table into a bench, which I'll post the link later) for our dining room.

We've had these chairs for over 5 years now, got them for free, and finally decided they needed an update (along with pretty much our entire dining room getting a makeover).
We got 4 chairs with our newer dining room set from a friend, however they were just so big for our dining room, that people didn't have much room to move around, since they had arms. So we brought these chairs back into commission and spruced them up with a little loving re-upholstery.
Luckily, these chairs were super easy to update with new fabric. We also lucked out and found this up-holstery fabric for 60% off! (was originally $22 a yard, and we got 3 yards for that price!)

All we had to do was unscrew the seat

cut the fabric to size

staple the new fabric down

rescrew the seat back on

and tada! new pretty seats!

 It was a super easy project, and didn't take that long with the help of my hubs, since I'm a weakling when it comes to the staple gun. haha
 I think these babies look super cute with our tan walls.
Yay for DIY projects!

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