Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trash-to-treasure dresser, final version, I promise!

Ok. So after having my trash-to-treasure dresser all done and in my bedroom, I started looking at the one thing that kept bugging me- that middle drawer. It irked me that it was the only ornate drawer left, and after much fuss over it, I decided to swap it out, move the bottom middle drawer up, and get one more basket for the bottom. So now I can say, this is the FINAL version. I promise!


Amazing that it started out looking like this:

Then this:

Then this:

and finally this (see the difference):

Now things are all orderly and look more cohesive. Don't you think?
Now to move on to finishing the decor in the bedroom and the rest of the house!

P.S. Check out this great blog hop over at "A Night Owl" Blog!


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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful! I have a dresser similar to yours, so maybe I'll my hand at redoing it as well! So I glad I found you through Thee Networking Blog Hop- new follower :)


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