Friday, January 11, 2013

Crop Pink layouts, starting Project Life and Steampunk Pink spirit (Steampink)

So I was going through my blog-o past posts and realized I never posted pictures from this year's Crop Pink event from October! This crop is something my mom and I do every year, and I guess with the buying a house and moving deal, I got sidetracked and didn't post pics.
First off, I gotta show you our first place win for the Crop Pink spirit contest. Every year you can dress up in anything pink, or scrapbooking related-spirit garb and show off your spirit for the cause. I got this idea a few months before the crop that we would do a Steam Pink costume getup. Steampunk but with pink and breast cancer awareness. I searched endlessly for if anyone had done it before us, and only found a single woman who did anything steampunk and breast cancer awareness related. So my mom and I had a blast putting these costumes together and making a banner "Geared Up" and our steampunk guns (a laser tag gun- the big one, and water guns- the small ones). I was going to use this for my Halloween costume, however with Hurricane Sandy, it will have to be for this coming Halloween. haha. I know my mom wore hers on a Halloween race she ran with my step dad.

We had a blast and connected with some of the regulars this year. There was some fun times at the hotel, but overall, I got a lot done.
Here's some of the projects.

(My mom at the crop)

Also, some of the vendors booths had amazing  make-and-takes. Trays were all the rage this year. I love it! (will have to post pics of the 2 trays later...forgot to photograph them. One was a Halloween tray the other was a family tray).

And here are some projects that the Stampin' Up vendor made. So cool!

I even started my Project Life (I haven't done much since then, but it's a start).

 (super cool ceiling in the crop room)

I also discovered the Feedly app (above) over the time at the crop. I loveee it now- helps me stay connected to the massive amount of blogs I follow by using my Google Reader feed and organizing it into a pretty viewer app.

Anyways, sorry these are sooooo behind (like over 3 months behind), but better late then never, right?

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