Monday, January 28, 2013

Simple cheap Valentine's day banner and ongoing projects

So I knew I wanted to make a Valentine's day banner, but didn't have a LOT of money to make it. So, I managed to scrounge around the dollar store and home to make this cutie.

Heart-shaped doilies, foam hearts, pom-poms, needle and thread, and sparkle chipboard letters- tada!
I dig it. And it was super easy.

I also made a mini one (not shown) for my dining room v-day setup, to match the dining room decor for the table- which is where I moved the decor to, when we made the buffet into a bar.

 I added this cute little frame! I got it at Michael's. super cute!

As for other projects, now that the dining room is pretty close to complete and the breakfast nook is complete, include:

Saving these cute pillows I picked up at the SalVal, for updating our outdoor summer seating

Putting up shelves that I just painted white, in my craft room and organizing it all with the dollar store red organization crates i picked up

Finishing the heart in my "LOVE" yarn wrapped letters wall art for the bedroom and painting the mirror for that room

(I made them from leftover cardboard- like a beer box. haha)

And getting more corks to finish my cork tray

All-in-all, I got a LOT of projects done this past few weeks, and there still is more to come, but it just might take me a little bit longer. haha

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my simple V-day banner. :D
Happy DIY!

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