Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Work it Wednesday: Going Bananas over Yardwork

Welcome to another Work it Wednesday.
We've been busy working on updating our yard. My mom came to visit this week and helped us out in our little updating outside. We still have to finish painting the edging, but the rest looks good I think.

We added a bush to the left of the front door, pruned the rose tree/bush, mulched the front beds. Also added two potted plants to our yellow buckets. Added some cute little 4th of July signage.

This is what the roses looked like when in full bloom, and way before we pruned the bush/tree.

We also finally put out our homemade signage. It was my first attempt at hand painting lettering. It could be better, but for a first try, I think it works. I might later make the purple swirls yellow instead, as you can't really see them well on the green background.

We are in the process of fixing up our little garden, as well as the backyard that is a total mess right now, if you ask me. I also picked up some cute green and white beads to add to our updated chandelier, so eventually I can finish this (with the help of our electrician friends). The hubs made a super fab banana cake for a party last week (I'll share the recipe later).

All in all, we are doing things little by little, since we both are in shows. It is always fun doing things around the house. Next up is working on fixing parts of the fence:

What are you all working on?

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. What a cute yard! Amazing how well the roses are doing pre-prune! I wish I spent more time in my garden. While everything is growing like crazy without my assistance, I should still put the paintbrush down in favor for a water can. I love the white picket fence too! I hope to have one soon!


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