Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday card and such

So today I was sick. So sick in fact, that I stayed home from work. Now this NEVER happens to me. I usually am well enough or tell myself I am well enough to just deal with whatever I have and go to work. This morning however, I spent all morning basically in the bathroom with a stomach ache that wouldn't go away. I drank 3 bottles of water and ate some crackers in hopes it would flush out whatever "badness" was in my system. I then went back to bed. I woke up an hour later, read some Harry Potter (I'm trying to finish book 6 before the movie comes out) and after that another power nap. I woke up eventually and felt not 100% good, but better. 
I then decided to make some cards in hopes that it would calm my head and stomach. I got my Fun-Frilled card already done for next week (my goal is to be always a week ahead, so I don't stress about it).  It was a tough challenge, since I don't have much for the theme, but I think it will do.
Among the cards I made, I created the following birthday card for my step-dad. Seeing as his birthday is Thursday (exactly a week before mine, which is Feb. 26th) I thought I should try to get it out. It won't be sent out till tomorrow, but at least he'll hopefully get it in the general time frame of his birthday. I also made another card, which technically can go with next week's Fun-Frilled theme (besides the one I made specifically for the theme), so I'll wait to post that till sometime next week. I also made one card, which I think is hideous, and therefore not even worthy of giving to anyone I like or even posting here. Only the good stuff is worthy of blogging. :)
The fun part about the birthday card, is it is a punchout kind of card. I haven't made any of these kind before, so it was fun. I know the bling, sparkle and scallop are really not "manly" but hey, guys can have bling too! lol... I know it looks simple, but it was a challenge to get all it to line up and things to work inside and out.
Hope you all are having a great day/night (whenever you read this). Make sure you check out Fun-Frilled everyday for a new take on the daily theme, and I hope you all can join in on the challenge. Especially since there is some blog candy for it this week there!
Enjoy the card!


'cuz its Your Birthday!

I getting better at stamping these puppies!

These turned out great, and they took very little effort!

Happy Birthday on the inside! kinda like, Surprise! Happy Birthday!

- marvey 2 in circle punch
- gold and white paper by Paper Reflections
- designer green paper on inside of card: K&Company Berry Sweet 4x6 mat paper
- stars: Holiday cheer foam stars from Michael's
- fiscars scallop punch
- Darico self-stick gems
- stamps and ribbon??


  1. That is a really cool card! I love the cut-out thing....never done that before....and the bright glitter star is awesome too!
    Hope you got the badness out of ya and get back to normal tomorrow!

  2. This is too cute girl! Your Dad will love it! I love the bling! Very talented...hope you are feeling better~!


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