Saturday, February 21, 2009

KWerner Color Inspiration #42

So below is what I came up with for KWerner's color inspiration #42. Let me just tell you, that those colors just screamed "old look" to me. If I had pure white lace, I would of used it on it too, however I've only got off-white. (I love lace!)
This also is my Virtual Stamp Night (Saturday) "H" aka "You're my obsession" card. I usually don't double up on challenges, since I just think it isn't right, but I just thought they fit for both. I am obsessed with anything older than me. I collect antique hats, I love retro furniture (not 80s the ugly man-couches that my hubby refused to get rid of) and I adore sometimes just watching historic movies and tv specials. There is just something about history that I love. Since I don't have any stamp that says history or old or anything along those lines, I decided upon "through thick & thin" since that is what I plan to do for my friends, family, and true love- stick with them through thick and thin. I will stick with all through thick and thin till we ourselves become antiques. (Ok, I"m going to stop trying to sound like a philosophical rant).
Make sure you check out Fun-Frilled if you haven't already! Always fun over there! :) Remember, my card will be on tomorrow, so be sure to check it out and play along with the challenge so you can win some loot!
I think this turned out well. I'm skipping the 1:00pm VSN challenge-it's melting crayons technique for background paper and I just can't bring myself to get the iron out and make a real mess, so I thought I'd post this before I forgot about it and was beyond the deadline for KWerner's challenge.  If you haven't checked out my previous post, it has all the cards I popped out last night. Check it out! Hope you all enjoy, and be prepared to see more cards later today. :)

Color inspiration #42. Can you dig it?

I love this stamp! I just got it yesterday, and already I love it.

true true.

- Designer paper from DaisyD's autumn fall in love collection
- Fiscar's scallop punch
- Studio G- Through Thick and Thin stamp, in ColorBox primary red/orange (mixed) ink
- Hampton Art- corset stamp, in Adirondack brights sunset orange ink
- K & Company green jewel and pearls


  1. Oh that card is so great; that girdle or whatever it's called (thing I'd never get my fat...into) is such a great stamp. You're right about those colors - they say 70s couch to me!

  2. Fabulous! It's very very pretty!


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