Saturday, February 28, 2009

Color Inspiration Challenge #43

I have two cards for you to check out for this color Inspiration challenge!

Card #1: Eat Cake! Hooray! I really like how the pop-out of the cake turned out. 


Card #2: It's your big day! Happy Birthday.

Birthday girl! She's all fancy. :)

Today's cards are for the Color Inspiration Challenge over at KWerner's blog. I had a fun time trying to get these colors to work in an idea (see colors above). Its a lot of colors to work with (I usually don't work with THAT many colors at once) so it truly was a challenge for me. I did two cards for this challenge, both are birthday cards. I thought it only fitting since my birthday was this past Thursday the 26th where I turned 23 years old. I know most of you are like, wow. You're still young! haha. I feel old sorta. I went to the mall to see a movie with my best friend yesterday and I have never seen so many tweens and teens around (well it was a Friday though) and all I could think of was, "Those annoying kids! I don't think I was ever THAT annoying." In all reality I probably was, but at the time I thought I was just being a teen. 
I think I have always wanted to grow up. When I was in elementary school I couldn't wait till I was in Middle, when in middle school I couldn't wait to be in High school, when in high school I wanted to be in college, and etc. Then I got out of college, got a job, got married and now I just am wondering...what is next? I know someday we want kids, but we just can't afford them right now and are just down right not ready for them. So I guess I'm just waiting around for that time to come about 5 years or more from now. My biggest goal is to get a house. I really want to be done with renting. I hate renting and I hate being in an apartment. I want to paint my walls and I want to be able to control my own heat (ours is controlled by the apartment complex). Being on the 8th floor (top floor) of an apartment when someone else controls the heat, is not fun. It is almost 50 degrees outside today and the heat is on. We had to turn our air conditioners on because it was so dang hot in here last night and today. 
I am also glad that my hubby has a job interview Monday and should be getting a call today or tomorrow to set up another interview with another place. He is trying to find a new job after the whole "gun pulled on him and pointed at his face" during work incident. Since this happened 2 days after a cop that he knew got shot to death, it hit him hard and came to the conclusion that Loss Prevention agent was just not what he wanted to do anymore. He, unlike cops, doesn't have ANY way of fighting back. No gun, no uniform to scare them away, no taser, not even pepper spray. Nothing. Just his own strength and might. Since he got transfered to a newer store in about May, I have been afraid for him. He was working in a shady part of town and going against much more angry and aggressive type of people. The closer you get to the city, the less people are civilized and the more violence you find. In a way, I'm glad he's trying to find a new job, but in another way, I'm scared about what happens if he can't get a new one. *crossing fingers* I am hoping for the best for him and for myself (since who knows how my company will do. I do work at a newspaper after all, and they are becoming a dying industry). *sigh* Wish us all luck.
Anyways, I'm sure you all don't care to read my babble. This blog is more for the artsy stuff and less of my blah blah. I also did my Fun-Frilled DT challenge for next week's. Like I've said before, I am trying to be always a week ahead. I liked the challenge for next week, so I'm sure you all will too! I made two cards, however the first one turned out dreadful, so I'll spare everyone from seeing it. Luckily the other card I made for that turned out just how I wanted, so it will be perfect for the Fun-Frilled site. Make sure you check out Fun-Frilled tomorrow, Sunday, to see my take on this week's theme of Mardi Gras. It was a toughy for me, but I love how it turned out. Hope you all have been playing along with it. We love seeing everyone else's take on the challenge! 
Above are the birthday cards. One is for basically anyone (might give it to the hubby when his bday rolls around in March or my dad, haven't decided yet) and the other is for a girl. I had the idea to go with a "its your big day" with the girl cutout being in Designer paper and the others being just standard color stock, then when I thought I was done, I decided to give the "birthday girl" a party hat. :) Hope you enjoy them. 
Lately I've been slacking on the supplies of things. I promise, I will try to include them more now. :)
Enjoy! Leave me some comment love all!

Eat Cake:
- Studio G stamps in StaysOn Timber Brown
- Fiscars scallop punch
- The Paper Company standard colors cardstock
- Orange Peel stickles (for the candle flames)
- ribbon and striped paper unknown
It's Your Big Day!:
- Cuttlebug woman sign (used in my BigShot)
- Green DP by Daisyd's Autumn Collection- Fall into love
- The Paper Company cardstock
- Studio G birthday stamps in StaysOn Timber Brown
- Fiscar's scallop punch
- Darico gem
- View Enterprises Specialty Mat stacks- classic brown (originally used for printmakers)
- ribbon?

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Leave me some comment love all!