Monday, February 9, 2009

Surprises and cats

Just a quick hello. Sorry no card posting today, been very busy. Instead I'll leave you with a photo later in the post.
As far as the weight loss update, you'll see that I have now lost a total of 10.2 lbs since the beginning of January. It has been roughly 5 weeks since I started, so I am glad I have lost that much thus far. My Battle of the Bulge swap truly has helped me to keep with my diet and exercise, though I really want to eat bad at every turn.
This weekend had its ups and downs. On Friday I got some really AWESOME news, which will remain a secret for now- when it is all ready to go, then I'll make a big deal about it on here. This in turn gave me this somewhat high during that day. It even kept me positive after stopping by the going-out-of-business sale at the Cropping Station that was my local family-run scrapbook, etc. store. I am sad to see it close, since now the closest scrapboook, etc. small business to me is in Quakertown or New Hope- both are close to an hour or 45 minutes away. I have a Michael's and an A.C. Moore about 20 to 30 minutes away, but its just not the same.
 I then wandered over to Michael's- which my hubby told me NOT to do. Of course they were having a sale, and you know how I am with sales. So I spent money there. After an emotional-filled yesterday of telling why I was afraid to tell him I stopped at Michael's and the fact that I think I have a Sale-addition, I vowed to not shop for a while. And I hope to keep with it. Over the weekend, we are going to have to stop at Michael's to try to return a broken punch they sold me (damn you!) but I told him that he needed to accompany me there, or else I was screwed with my vow of no shopping. *sigh*
Because of my happy secret I first mentioned, I spent my Saturday evening and Sunday morning working on the project (if it hadn't been for our friends stopping over on Saturday night, I probably would of got it done then. :) )
So this weekend has had its great ups and downs, but I guess that is life. I am so excited for my secret news, so once I can talk about it, I will probably be typing in giganto bold letters. :)
Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday (if there is such a thing as a good Monday...haha). 
I shall leave you now with a few cute picture of my beloved feline friend.

Our cat C.J. likes to sleep/lay in weird spots. This is his favorite when we are on the computer. He lays on the couch, then rests his head on the computer table (an old kitchen table that has both my hubby and I's computers on it).

This always seems to me that it would be uncomfortable. (I know I know, our furniture is hideous, as well as our decorating. I blame the hubby for his ugly man couches and nailing (yes nailing) our posters to the wall. We have concrete walls, so you can't use push pins.

However, the cat's idea must be, "You see me, now pet me please!" :)


  1. The pics of your cat are *adorable*! As I was looking at the 2nd picture, I was thinking, "Cool Posters!", then you made the comment about how hideous it was!!LOL! I meant to comment last post about your cards, I really liked the 2nd card, it was SO nice. I can't wait to check back to hear your happy news (I can't handle surprises, I explode the second I have any news!!).

  2. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the posters, I just don't want them nailed to the wall!

  3. Great news, eh? You're pregnant! Forget the diet and eat for 2 now - wooooooooooooo!!!

  4. I am NOT pregnant! Guess again. :)

  5. Yay on the weight loss! I should've joined the SCS swap to keep myself on track. Good for you!


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