Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank Yous and birthday fun

So after a long day of work and my adult ballet class tonight I decided to do some fun stuff in the craft room. After receiving a package for my birthday from my dad and step mom, I decided that I should probably start cranking out thank you cards. I also finished up my Battle of the Bulge swap's March package, though I might wait to send it out for a tad bit till it is March.
Anyways, here's a quicky post with the thank you card I made. I also want to personally thank on here those who have supported me. Things have gotten rough around here on the home front. I'm not going to go into details, but cross your fingers that things don't get worse. *sigh*
Just your friendly reminder, check out Fun-Frilled! There is some great stuff over there! This week's theme is Mardi Gras. Boy was that a challenge for me!
Ok all, here's the Thank you card. I re-did it I think twice till I was somewhat happy with it. I won't show the stuff I made for my Secret Sister till the swap is done, so just this card will have to do for today. Tell me what you think of it. I love feedback!
Hugs all!

Kind of like an inchy type challenge. :)

Thanks! This originally was a stamp that had a tag stamp around it. I just masked it off, so I just used the thanks! Also, thanks to Michelle for sending me this sweet stamp set (the flowers and the thanks). It made my day. Thank you Michelle!


  1. It didn't even phase me that this was from that stamp set - LOL What a great card! Love the stamps and the DP together - it works really well. Adult ballet? Really? I did ballet when I was like 7. Sounds like FUN exercise; you go, Girl!

  2. Very pretty colors and I love the double use of some sets! HOW FUN!

  3. Cute card, love the colors (one of my favs) - except for this card - where's the PINK???

  4. I hope you had a great birthday! 23 was a fun year. I hope you enjoy it!


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