Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Virtual Stamp Night on SCS

Ok. So my mom suggested I look into doing the Friday Virtual Stamp night on SCS. I got hooked. 7 challenges, 7 hours, and if you did it all, 7 cards after those 7 hrs. :)
You don't have to do all the challenges, but I was determined to get as close to them as possible. Now they also have another one on Saturday starting at noon till 11pm, though I doubt I can do all of those since we are supposed to get together with friends tomorrow night. But I was determined to crank out 7 cards tonight to complete all the friday night challenges. It was so much fun!  There were some that were REALLY TOUGH! I had a blast. I also re-worked my card-in-advance for next week's Fun-Frilled. I knew it was missing something, so today when I was at Michael's I picked up what I needed and I think it looks ten times better! Yay!
Ok. So here all is the night's challenges. I hope to finish up KWerner's color challenge in the morning tomorrow (obviously it has to be done before 7pm Saturday). I wanted to do it tonight, but after 7 cards, I'm a little pooped.
You can also check out the cards in the individual galleries for each challenge or on my Splitcoast stampers gallery here- My gallery on SCS.
Without further ado, here are the cards of the night!

A: Sketch a little love challenge (sketch challenge)

Blingy heart and fuzzy heart. You'll notice I used these felt hearts a lot tonight. I just love them!

B: For the love of Chocolate. I think this is my Fav. of the night!

I love big type. Yay for Thickers!

New stamp, new punch. Woo!

C: Bittersweet love. Use a stamp set you dislike or never found the right thing to use it for.

This "kid-like" drawing style is just not my style. But I think it works for a kid's card.

D: New Love. Everything you use has to be new within the past 2 months (doesn't have to include cardstock and ink as new though). This is my other fav. of the night. 

The only thing I'm upset about is the It's a Girl stamp. It has a little chip out by the "R". No wonder it was on sale for 2 bucks!

E: One true Love. aka. Monocromatic card with one neutral (white in my case)

Took one of those sparkle hearts and covered it with my blue sparkle. I don't have any punches or plain star paper, so I improvised!

F: Two hearts beat as one. Eh. It's alright. I didn't do the split technique exactly though.

I do love this stamp. I just wish I had a slightly bigger circle punch for it.

G: (last one!) As You Wish. Based on a quote of our choice from Princess Bride. Mine I chose was this said by the Grandpa:
"Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The End."

So my logic behind this was, the 5 black and white hearts are the 5 "pure" kisses. The red popup heart is the one that left them all behind. :) I hope that works. That was the best I could come up with. Also, the colors were chosen since they were my hubby and I's wedding colors. The dot ribbon I actually used in the wedding at the tables, on the invitations and such (I had LOADS extra of that ribbon leftover) so it was me paying respects to my personal love as well.

If you want to see the supplies list, check out the cards on my SCS gallery. It is almost 4 am here, and I don't feel like putting them all up. 
Also, reminder, Sunday is my card post on Fun-Frilled! Make sure you check it out, and I hope you all have been working on your challenge so you can win some fun loot! Have fun all!
Nighty night and happy dreams of crafts!


  1. I love the cards! Can't wait to see your card on Sunday over at fun-frilled.

    Also, I didn't realize you were loosing so much weight. Color me jealous. :P

  2. O M G you did 7 cards in 7 hours?? I would feel so rushed? Wow - that's SOOO awesome! I think I like the It's a Girl card the mostest - and I think the R chip gives if character...sometimes too perfect is not a good thing ;) Way to go!


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