Friday, February 6, 2009

Color Inspiration #40 and such

These were the colors to work with...

Card #1- my fav. of the two. I am so faithful to you. :) 

I love how this stacking turned out. For once I hand an idea before I even started.

Card #2- You're so Sweet. (I like the other one better personally, but that is just me)

Look at all the sparkle!

My cat C.J. (Chief Junior) loves when I make cards. He keeps me company in my craft/guest bedroom all the time.


So it is 4am right now as I type (no matter what the blog says I did this at). I decided to do the color inspiration challenge by KWerner's blog to try and cure my insomnia. It always IS a challenge to me. I'm still so new at this crafty card/scrapbook stuff. Working with what I got is all I can do, since I don't have as many tools as most of thoses who post out there. My goal tonight was to try and use my new Sizzix square #2 die in my Big Shot. I was determined to use it, since I was soooooo excited that Michael's actually had that die block. I got the last one there when I went on my NoNo shopping escapade a few weeks ago- My hubby still is mad at me for that. I also fell in love with this flower/dandy. print paper from my giganto pack of designer paper by Lisa Cohen, which I got when the Cropping Station was moving buildings and having a big sale (you got if free if you bought to a certain amount).
Sadly I found out today my beloved Cropping Station (that I just mentioned above) is going out of business. I guess their move to a new location just wasn't working out, and with the economy- you know how things are. *tears* Now all I have left then will be Michael's and A.C. Moore. So no little shops for miles around here.
So I am soooo close to my 10 lbs lost in a month goal. This whole watch what I eat thing is WAY tough. It is especially tough with work- my hours are all over the place and my co-workers like to order out and bring in sweets and goodies a lot. Somehow I have managed to keep off what I have lost thus far this week- don't know how, but I have. I guess with getting rid of caffeine from my diet completely has REALLY helped me. My heartburn is pretty much gone since I stopped drinking caffeine and eating sugary stuff, which makes me one happy chick.
I hope to maybe get some more crafting this weekend (Friday/Saturday) since that is basically my weekend now with my newer work schedule. Working on Sunday's isn't soooo bad, though my days get all screwy in my head since I have off on Friday's and Saturdays and think my fridays are saturdays and my saturdays are sunday, etc. You get my drift. 
Anyways, here is the supplies for my cards in case you were wondering. :) Laters. -M

Faithful card: 
- White, Creme, Orange and Green paper: The Paper Company
- Teal and Green/White and Orange/White floral paper: Everyday Tango designer paper collection by Lisa Cohen
- Squares punched out by: Sizzix squares die #2
- scallop punch: Martha Stewart
- Heart circle popup: Me&Me big ideas soft spoken embellishements- Harvest home collection
(added sparkle to heart with Orange Peel stickle)
- Faithful sticker: A Love Like Ours by sticko
You're so Sweet card:
- same paper as above
- Orange fringe: Making Memories halloween 3 trim
- scallop: Fischars
- flower: target's hearts & blooms scrapbooking assorted brads, merry and bright collection
- jewels: darico
- "you're so sweet" stamp: Studio g, in ColorBox french blue fluid chalk ink
- brackets stamp: Laundry Line, in Adirondark brights sunset orange ink (filled in with light orange colored pencil)


  1. Both gorgeous! I vote for #2 personally, but both beautiful.

  2. I like both cards too! I love the heart accent on the first one and the flower accent on the second.

  3. Your cards are great! Don't get discouraged with not having many supplies, your doing a great job!

  4. Wow, stunning cards! I love the first the best, esp. with the glittery center!

  5. Finally got you on my blog list - been doing housekeeping computer things like that this weekend ;) And now I remember to stop in. I love that first card...and the pop of that glitter heart. That second card - is that orange what they call fiber? Never seen that before...very cool too!

  6. Love your cards, they are really cute

  7. I like both cards, but I love the first one with the glitter heart :o)

  8. These are both great! I really love the squares and sparkly heart on that first one!


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